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My name is Brenda Crowell. I teach 5th grade Sewing, 7th grade Foods, and am one of three teachers for the 8th grade Entrepreneurship class. I started working in Region 10 at LSM in 1997, and transferred to HarBur in 2001. Some of my favorite activities include spending time with my family and friends, cooking, sewing, working on home decorating/improvement projects, and spending time enjoying nature.

The 2014-2015 School year arrived with some exciting changes for the FACS department, as reflected below.:


This year fifth grade students will learn the basics about hand sewing. They will construct a simple, but fun, felt project to learn the basic hand sewing stitches as well as how to sew on a button.


Seventh graders will complete a Foods Unit in Family and Consumer Science class.The unit includes kitchen basics including safety, kitchen equipment, cooking terms, kitchen math, abbreviations, reading recipes and meal planning. Students also learn about common food allergies and food related health concerns, and the importance of both when planning and preparing meals.

Students practice kitchen skills in food labs with an emphasis on working cooperatively with others. An underlying focus is placed on the use of the "My Plate" Food Guide for making wise food choices and meeting daily nutritional needs.

8th GRADE ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Tech Ed, Computers, Foods)

Food Related Business

This class is for the 8th grade students who chose to have their business related to the production of food items. Students will learn about the many different aspects of a food business, some of which include how to develop an idea into a business, considerations for production, packaging, marketing, production costs, and profit.

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