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Welcome to The Wonderful World of Foods (otherwise known as the FACS Foods and Nutrition Classes) WIKI page!


Welcome to my WIKI page. My name is Brenda Crowell. I am the FACS teacher for 5th grade Nutrition classes, 7th grade Foods classes, and one of the three teachers for the 8th grade Entrepreneurship class.

Teaching Foods and Nutrition has always been, and continues to be, fun and exciting for both the students and for me. Today's society faces many challenges related to food preparation and consumption such as food allergies and sensitivities, and serving portion sizes. While these factors may cause frustration to some, we approach them with a positive attitude for exploration, discovery and learning!


Nutrition/Consumer Health

The Nutrition/Consumer Health course in the Unified Arts cycle is an introductory course for fifth graders.The nutrition component of the course will cover topics such as the nutrients, the "My Plate" Food Guide, dietary guidelines, calories, exercise, and the importance of good nutrition.The consumer health component will cover topics such as food labeling and nutrition information, eating out, and healthy food choices.


Foods and Nutrition FACS Class

Seventh graders complete a Foods and Nutrition Unit in Family and Consumer Science class.The unit covers kitchen basics including safety, kitchen equipment, cooking terms, kitchen math, abbreviations, reading recipes and meal planning. Students also learn about organic ingredients, as well as common food allergies and food related health concerns, and the importance of both when planning and preparing meals.

Students practice kitchen skills in food labs with an emphasis on working cooperatively with others. An underlying focus is placed on the use of the "My Plate" Food Guide for making wise food choices and meeting daily nutritional needs.


Foods Segment of the Entrepreneurship Class

This class is for the 8th grade students who chose to have their business related to the production of food items.

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