Welcome to Mr. S's Wiki for 7th Grade General Science

    Welcome to Diamond Team Science!

    This year we will be learning about a wide range of topics in science. For those of you that enjoy science, I will help you to further expand your scientific understandings and interests, and for those of you that don't enjoy the topic as much, I hope to assist you in broadening your academic, scientific abilities and interests.

    Course Overview

    This year in science, we will focus on how to ask questions and find answers to those questions through creative scientific problem solving and creative thinking. We will learn about creating and carrying out experiments, how to gather, analyze and interpret data and results. We will explore many aspects of science and learn how these affect our daily lives both in and out of school.

    Topics Covered include:

    The Scientific Method: The design and implementation of controlled experiments

    Earth Science: Layers of Earth, plate tectonics, forces, erosion, and weathering

    Physical Science: Motion, forces and energy

    Plants: Photosynthesis, and life cycles

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    phone x17220