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Grade four student's page

Click on the grade four student's page for links to homework etc.

Useful Spanish Websites click here! Be sure to check out these sites to help you practice your numbers, maps of hispanic countries, and so much more! Great tools for completing your "tarea" homework.

Unit vocabulary and structures for studyClick here to see and listen to grade 3 & 4 vocabulary and structures by unit which we use as study guides. (This page is under construction.)

Click on the video of The Lake Garda and Harwington Consolidated students performing at the Rhyme Celebration 2012 below:
Rhyme Celebration 2012
Rhyme Celebration 2013Click on the video above to view the Rhyme Celebration Spanish song 2013 in Danbury, CT.

Click below to view the video of our heritage speakers perform in Tamil at the 2013 Rhyme Celebration.

Heritage Speakers for Rhyme Celebration 2013


Fun bulletin Board work at Lake Garda Elementary!
Spring 2009 010.jpg
A picture of me with student work displayed on the Spanish Bulletin Board. This is a sampling of the Grade 3 Farm Animal Unit.

Rhyme Celebration