Classroom Already Setup? There is no need to enter email address if the class is already setup!

    Make sure to get the Classroom Code in the Accounts tab.
    • have the students log on to XtraMath.org
    • select Sign In (upper right corner)
    • select the purple Classroom tab and enter Classroom Code
    • select the classroom which is the Teachers name
    • select the student name and type in the PIN

    Classroom needs to be setup?

    The ExtraMath.org site has instructions on setup as well, however, I find it easier to go through the process and add step-by-step instructions. If you would like to visit the FAQ at XtraMath simply click the following link: XtraMath K - Adult

    The ExtraMath website allows the teacher/Parents to create a Classroom


    Sign up:

    • URL: www.xtramath.org
    • Check one or both: Parent/Teacher (I checked both) When you check teacher an additional line appears for how you want students to address you - this will be the class name
    • Email - Teachers enter the email address you want progress reports to go to - I used draperE@region10ct.org (this information can be changed in the future if needed)
    • password (must be 6 characters)
    • Agree to the terms
    • Click Sign-up
    • The screen changes to Add a Child to your account:
    • enter the first name only and select a grade ( I used my boys names Matthew; grade 11 & Alex; grade 9)
    • if you have more students to add there is a little message under the Childs First Name box; click it and continue to add students (**I recommend adding all the students**)
    • Now that all the students are entered click Next
    • Indentify your school:
    • enter the zip code and click Find
    • select your school ( I selected Lewis S Mills High)
    • Click Next
    • Thanks for signing up screen appears with the students Names and Pins
    • Print this page ; click File; Print; and rather than printing to a printer, print to a PDF file which is in the lower left print box
    • Save the file. By default the XtraMath.pdf file name appears. Select the desktop for a location and click save


    • XtraMath.org
    • click Sign In
    • select the tab for Parent or Teachers
    • select the Class Checklist appears - this gives you information about the class:
    • Print Student PINS: click on it and all the usernames/pins appear (which you can print)
    • the Prepare Classroom Computer code: xxxxxx Make sure to write down this code as the students will use this to log in and setup their account (if you click on this it will give you an error - the site where the video is hosted is blocked in Region 10, however, it is probably available at home unless the parent has blocked the Vimeo website.
    • Close the Class Checklist with the X in the upper Right
    • the teacher/parent window appears in a My Kids tab
    • in the left is additional functions:
    • Add Students
    • Add another class
    • share this class
    • edit class
    • class checklist
    • Remove Class
    • List of PINS
    • Parent Flyers
    • Certificates (downloads a certificate)
    • Select a Student from My Kids and the student information window appears:
    • Student Name
    • Student Pin
    • Program
    • Calendar
    • Edit Child Information
    • Change Program
    • select this and a window pops up with a pulldown menu for all the different programs available

    TEACHERS: Classroom Setup

    • have the students log into a computer with their username/password
    • xtramath.org
    • select Sign In
    • select Classroom tab
    • have the student enter the Classroom Code
    • Select the Teacher Name
    • Select the student and enter the PIN
    • This also works from home!

    Mrs. Draper

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