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Mr. Crameri is the Director for the Grade 6, Grade 8 and Symphonic Bands as well as teacher of applied instrumental lessons, for each of the aforementioned ensembles, at Har-Bur Middle School in Burlington, CT.

Who am I ? - My Bio

Please feel free to contact me at any time! My phone is (860) 673-6163 x17517 and my email address is cramerig@region10ct.org

Here are some of the reasons why we teach music to our children:
Download file "Why do we Teach Music?.pdf"


Grade 8 & Symphonic Band Course Overview
Grade 6 Band Course Overview

As an added convenience, to both students and parents, I have included the enclosed link of fingering charts for all band instruments.

The 2015/2016 Instrumental Music Information PACKET (Grade 6 Band, Grade 8 Band & Symphonic Band) is NOW COMPLETE !!! (9/20/15)

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me, at school, any time.


Download file "howtopractice.pdf"

Download file "practicecard.pdf"

Download file "HB Music Department Calendar 2015-16.pdf"

Download file "Contract 2015-16.pdf" ----------------> ALL instrumental students are required to adhere to the terms of this ensemble contract. This form need only be returned should there be a question and/or concern regarding the terms of the agreement.

My lesson program will begin Monday, September 28, 2015

Mr. "C's" lesson Schedules:

Download file "Symphonic Band Lesson Scedule 2015-2016.pdf"

Download file "Grade 6Band LessonSchedule2015-16.pdf"

Mr. Riccio and Ms. Cleveland will be administering lessons to all Grade 8 students not in Symphonic Band. These lessons will begin on Monday, October 5, 2015. The following is a schedule for that program:

Download file "2015-2016 NON-SYMPHONIC GRADE 8 LESSON SCHEDULE.pdf"

*Important information concerning the "Switchers" Program* (Fall 2015)

The following link provides a detailed description and explanation of the program. After-school meetings/rehearsals will begin in early October.

*Please Read*
This year poses a very difficult challenge with regard to our present inventory. Due to the success of the program in prior years (including current use by those students) the type and number of school-owned instruments is extremely limited. Only a handful of students will be able to work on a new low wind or brass instruments this fall. Students will be selected on the basis of interest and final decisions will be determined based upon recommendations from the director(s).

Download file "_Switchers_ Program Description 2015-2016.pdf"