Har-Bur Reading Center

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    The Har-Bur Reading Center is available to all students in grades five through eight to help them become proficient readers and writers.

    Mrs. Jean Ann Ward, Language Arts Consultant, Dina Grant, Language Arts Consultant,and Reading teacher, Mrs. Donna Langer, are supported by Rachel Lacoucieri, Reading Tutor, and teaching assistant Mrs. Sandra Packard.

    Students are recommended for the Reading Center groups as a result of universal assessments and with input from teachers/teams and the Reading Consultant. Any student may come in for short-term assistance.

    Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Langer, Mrs. Lacouciere and Mrs. Packard also work in classes with teachers to provide assistance in the areas of reading comprehension and writing.

    You may reach us at:

    Mrs Grant - 860-673-6163x17261/grantd@region10ct.org

    Mrs. Ward - 860-673-6163x17311/wardj@region10ct.org

    Mrs. Langer -860-673-6163x17280/langerd@region10ct.org

    Mrs. Lacouciere- 869-673-6163x17212/cersolik@region10ct.org