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Contact information for Mrs. Bracken:

The best way to contact me is via email:

Phone: (860) 673-6163 ext. 17124
Calls placed during the day will go into voice mail, which I won't be able to check until late in the day.
If you have an urgent matter, call the office and ask to have a message delivered to me.

Course Description

Common Core State Standards-Math Grade 6

Office Hours: 3-4 pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays beginning SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

I will be holding after school "office hours" for students seeking additional time/instruction on troublesome topics. All students are welcome. Please let me know ahead of time when your student will be staying, and please send a note indicating whether the student will be a pickup or will take the late bus home.


homework highlights

Skill practice is an important part of math instruction, so all students will be assigned daily math homework. Homework will be checked for effort and completion Missing or incomplete homework will be noted.

thinking cap

Grading Policy:

Grades are calculated on a total point basis. Mean averaging can be used to determine final grades.

When viewing PowerSchool, a blank or (-) next to an assignment indicates a score that has not yet been recorded. A zero indicates that no total points were earned on an assignment.

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