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    Dear Parents,

    On February 8, 2008, we will be opening the Parent Portal feature of Power School. As you may know, Power School is the student management system that Region #10 uses to manage and maintain student data, including academic performance. The Parent Portal feature allows parents to log in to the Power School system via a private password and view their child’s academic progress. Prior to opening the Parent Portal feature, it is important to review its purpose and general guidelines for use.

    Educational research indicates that students show higher academic achievement when parents are informed about their child’s performance, have challenging and realistic academic expectations for their child, and are explicit in their support of the school’s academic expectations. Considering this, the Parent Portal should enhance not only parent awareness of their child’s academic progress, but also student awareness, and subsequently the degree to which students demonstrate responsibility for their performance. Using the Parent Portal, you and your child can review academic progress together and, if necessary, discuss how he/she can demonstrate initiative in an effort to improve. For example, if your child is earning a grade that concerns you, we recommend that you speak with your child about the grade, and determine what he/she can do at school and at home to increase achievement. It may be tempting to contact the school directly, especially if your child “doesn’t know why” their grade is lower than expected. In these situations, we ask that parents please put the responsibility for exploring the grade on the student; encourage the student to work with the teacher to clarify the specifics behind the grade and how it can be improved. Of course, services provided through special education and/or unique learning arrangements will not be compromised.

    The Parent Portal will be accessible at any time of day. We appreciate your consideration as our teachers do their best to correct and post grades for a variety of assessments in a timely manner. Teachers are responsible for up to 125 students, so the thoughtful grading of tests, essays, labs and research papers can be quite a challenge. With this in mind, please allow approximately two weeks for updates to be posted.

    Instructions about using the Parent Portal are attached. We hope that you find it to be helpful in your efforts to monitor and support your child’s academic growth. We are looking forward to strengthening the partnership that exists between home and school. Please contact us if you have any questions.


    Karissa Niehoff
    Principal, Lewis S. Mills High School


    In order to access the Parent Portal feature of Power School, parents must select a User Name and Password. The User Name and Password must be submitted to the Lewis S. Mills High School Main Office. Office staff will enter this data into the Power School program. Once the data is recorded in Power School, parents will be able to use the Parent Portal feature when it opens on February 8th.

    PLEASE COMPLETE THE INFORMATION BELOW. KEEP ONE FORM FOR YOUR RECORDS, AND SUBMIT THE OTHER FORM TO THE MAIN OFFICE. You may bring the form to the office, send it in with your child, or mail it to the following address:

    Lewis S. Mills High School

    26 Lyon Road

    Burlington, CT 06013

    Attn: Power School data



    Your name: __________________________________________________________________

    Your child’s name: ____________________________________________________________

    Your child’s current grade: _____________________________________________________

    Your preferred USERNAME: ___________________________________________________

    Your preferred PASSWORD: ___________________________________________________



    Your name: __________________________________________________________________

    Your child’s name: ____________________________________________________________

    Your child’s current grade: _____________________________________________________

    Your preferred USERNAME: ___________________________________________________

    Your preferred PASSWORD: ___________________________________________________

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