Har-Bur Wellness

My name is Mr. Callahan and I’m currently teaching Wellness at Har-Bur Middle School. This is my ninth year at Region 10 and it has been a delight each and every year. Every student brings a unique energy to the classroom which ensures a new experience every day!!

On a professional level, I have my 092 program in Educational Leadership from Sacred Heart University. In addition, my wife and I (married four years in July) have two beautiful little girls ages two and ten months.

The attachment below, "Middle School Overview Sheet", provides accurate information regarding our grading policy. Please be ready for class with appropriate clothing for activity. If you are looking at your grade online and a zero (0) appears then please see me. If there is a blank in the space, I either do not have your work, you were absent, or the work is pending a grade.

If you have any questions, please email (callahans@region10ct.org) or call (x17544) and I will return your message within two business days. Remember, when times get tough, think of your goal and those who are supporting you and that will be your motivation for success!

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Class Outlines:

Download file "6,7,8 Course Outline 2014-2015.doc"


Download file "2014-2015 wellness formative rubric.doc"

1/15/2015 Update...

Students in Mr. Callahan’s classes will engage in a unit of Tai-Chi and stress management from the start of December to mid-January. The unit focuses on a series of movements performed in a slow focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. It has a positive effect on muscle strength, wellness, and balance. An emphasis on mind and body connection occurs during our instruction. Students will identify stressors and learn to recognize the physical and psychological symptoms of stress. Students will have multiple opportunities to apply stress management strategies.

Information on the AIDS Walk/Run:

Date: October 5th

Place: West Hartford Reservoir

Time: 10:00

Sponsored by: AIDS Walk/Run 2013

Duration 3.25 miles

Here is a picture of the family from the A.I.D.S charity walk/run. On behalf of Region 10 and all the walkers as well as runners, we helped to raise over $10,000! Thank you all for your support!!

More information: www.aids-ct.org/walk.htm

Coordinated School Health Team Wake up and Play Basketball!!
Thank to your early morning play and making our morning so much fun! We hope to do this again after the holiday break.


Our mission is to expose students to a multitude of successful and meaningful movement experiences while fostering an environment that is positive and safe both physically and emotionally. It is our goal to empower students with the skills and concepts necessary to participate in responsible decision-making and demonstrate behaviors to improve and enhance the quality of their lives. We are responsible to develop the whole learner, including critical thinking, literacy, physical, emotional, and social skills. A strong focus is placed on healthy lifestyles and respect for lifelong physical activity. In providing these opportunities, each student will be prepared to lead and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Minute To Win It Information....

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Muscle Flash Card site (copy and paste into your browser)


Muscle Identification study guide

Download file "Resistance Training Assessment Muscle sheet ALL GRADES STUDY GUIDE 2013.docx"

CT Fitness Forms



Download file "6th Grade Tobacco PowerPoint Presentation.pptx"

Download file "Grade 6 smoking journal.docx"

Download file "Simposns Tobacco Journal.docx"


Check out the links below for the updated PowerPoint regarding drugs and alcohol with note taking guide.

Download file "7th Grade Drug PowerPoint 2013-2014.pptx"

Download file "7th Grade PowerPoint Guided Notes.docx"

Download file "DECISION MAKING.ppt"

Download file "3 R's of Growing Up.doc"

Download file "Decision making journal.doc"

Download file "Good vibrations questions.docx"

Download file "Values.ppt"

Download file "The Lasso.doc"

Download file "Alcohol journal.docx"

Download file "7th Grade Alchol PowerPoint Presentation.ppt"

Download file "Gr7 POSTER DRUG PRESENTATION.doc"

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Leadership rubric

Download file "7th Grade Leadership.doc"

Leadership Presentation Link:



Teacher Notes on Leadership from presentation

Download file "7th Grade Teacher Notes for leadership presentation.docx"


Links to the body image videos.

Download file "8th Grade Body Image PPT Mr. Callahan UPDATED.pptx"

Download file "STRESS PRESENTATION.ppt"

Sexual Harassment Readings and Journals

Download file "Sexual Assault Readings.docx"

Download file "Sexual Harassment Journal 1.docx"Download file "Sexual Harassment Journal 2.docx"

Download file "Sexual_Harassment.ppt"


Updated version: need to know only the first 24 slides

Download file "Inhalants Nothing to Sniff At 2013.ppt"

Download file "Inhalants Nothing to Sniff At 2010.ppt"

Units of Wellness
Download file "7th and 8th Grade Units of Wellness Study.doc"

Body Image Reading, Journals and Text Dependent Readings

Download file "Body Image readings.docx"
Download file "Positive Body Image with Formative Assessment.docx"
Download file "8th Grade Body Image PowerPoint Presentation UPDATED.pptx"
Download file "BodyImageEatingDisorders.ppt"
Download file "Body Image Men article with reflection questions.docx"
Download file "8th body image.doc"

Supersize Me Topics

Download file "Supersize Me reflection journal.docx"

Download file "Super Size Me Worksheet.docx"

Download file "AIDS Charity Walk.jpg"
Download file "AIDS Charity Walk.jpg"
Download file "AIDS Charity Walk.jpg"