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    HAM- Husky Adventures in Math

    This is an informal after school drop-in time for students in grades 6, 7 and 8. Students who are interested in strengthening their understanding of math may use this time to work on math projects, receive extra practice of prior math class concepts or work on math homework. Drop-ins are Tuesday and Thursday afterschool in room 214. Students interested in attending will need a completed a permission slip ahead of time.

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    Math Workshop lesson & practice

    Quick links

    Math Trainer Old Version

    Recommended Websites

    Sheppard Software

    Math games and More!

    Khan Academy
    A wonderful site for practice and "how to" video clips.

    A great site with many interactive games to practice multiplication facts.


    Help your student increase rapid recall of facts beginning with addition and progressing through subtraction, multiplication and finally division.

    Arcademic Skill Builders
    Fun games to reinforce math skills including the basic operations, time, fractions, decimals and integers.

    Math Playground
    A fun site designed to reinforce math skills through math games and activities.

    Math Play
    Math games for middle school (and elementary).

    Math Bugs Me
    A great resource for many topics from decimals to graphing algebraic equations.

    More great sites for fun and practice.

    Cool Math Games

    Hooda Math

    Fraction Monkeys

    Fun Brain

    A Plus Math

    Johnnie's Middle School Math

    Catchup Math Games

    Fun games with algebra concepts


    Lessons and practice are arranged by topic and by grade level.

    Topic Links

    Each page listed below has links to websites that you may find helpful- organized by specific topic. Try one or try them all.

    Order of Operations

    Powers of Ten-Scientific notation including how to deal with those pesky negative exponents


    Measurement- Topics: Time, Length, Volume, Mass

    That Quiz

    Contact information:

    Mrs. Suzanne Guglielmo

    P: 860.673.6163
    x. 17214 /vm. 27314

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