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    Welcome to our page! I am excited to share all the classroom events and news that will be happening throughout the school year!

    What we are learning about in...

    Autumn brings a lot of changes in weather, as well as some interesting weather in recent years! Our next language arts unit focuses on the various weather conditions we experience in Connecticut - hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, nor'easters, and ice storms. The unit Integrates social studies. The students are enjoying learning about the geography of Connecticut - the regions, landforms, natural resources, and climate. Non-fiction texts and technology provide further details on weather topics to support a mini-research project. Using fiction texts in which weather is a factor, students will focus on setting (place and time) and its affect on the plot.

    In the second part of this unit, figurative language - idioms, personification, similes and metaphors - will be investigated through poetry. Students will write free verse poems that integrate figurative language with their knowledge of weather.

    In math, we are focusing on multiplication!
    Computation is also reinforced. We often discuss various ways to solve problems.
    Each morning we have four problems to work on as our morning work. This helps us reinforce and learn new skills.